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Davey AquaSafe Rainwater Tank Purifier 1.0 Litre

Davey Acqua-safe 1.0 litre72dpi
Davey Acqua-safe 1.0 litre72dpi
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Davey Acquasafe is a revolutionary new product that can kill 99.9% of all germs in you water supply. Acquasafe is tasteless, odourless and chlorine free, designed specifically for tank water disinfection. With a residual life of up to 2 months, Acquasafe has been tested and endorsed in Australia for use in water treatment by the National Health & Medical Research Council and the various state & territory Health Departments.

Rainwater starts out clean, bacteria and virus free, but as soon as it hits a collecting surface like a roof top, dangerous bacteria can enter the water. Animal and bird droppings, dust, dirt and decaying vegetable matter like leaves can contaminate tank water. Each of these sources of contamination can lead to dangerous bacteria entering your water supply, like E. coli and streptococci.

As water stagnates it can also form an unpleasant odour indicating a problem with water quality and is likely to be contaminated.

Acquasafe uses patented technology to kill up to 170 different types of bacteria and virus including water borne lavae that can be harmful to both people & animals and protects your tank water from recontamination for up to two months.

Unless adequately treated, rainwater is not reliably safe to drink. Acquasafe kills bacteria, viruses and fungai which are responsible for sickness and conditions such as amoebic meningitis, salmonella poisioning, hepatitis, food posioning and ringworm.

Acquasafe will prevent Mosquito larvae from growing in the water! It is the clean and safe way to prevent mosquito’s rather than using kerosene, parafin oil or vegetable oil which will only pollute the rain water. One treatment of Acquasafe will prevent mosquito’s for upto two months!

Acquasafe is completely non-toxic and safe to use around your family. While most chemicals used for water disinfection are toxic (some are even known carcinogens), Acquasafe breaks down into oxygen and water.

Simpily pour the required amount of Acquasafe in the top of your rainwater tank. Within 24 hours your water will be sanitised and pathogen free.

1.0 Litre bottle will treat 15,000 litres of rainwater.