Water Softener – Watermatic STT8 Manual 10,000 litre

Remove Hard Minerals From Your Water supply


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How does a Water Softener work?

Water Softeners are designed to remove the hardness from mains or bore water. Water passes through resin media inside the softener where calcium and magnesium is captured. The system is back flushed with a brine solution to replace the calcium and magnesium when needed. This process is done automatically or manual depending on the system installed. A whole house twin cartridge water filtration system is installed prior to the softener to remove sediment particles, taste and chlorine from the mains water.

What is 'Hardness' in water?

Hardness in water is mostly caused by high levels of magnesium and calcium which contributes to a high PH level. This causes many major issues in the family home the most obvious being in the bathroom where soaps and detergents lose some effectiveness. Instead of dissolving completely, soap combines with the magnesium and calcium to form a soap curd which clings to the skin and instead of feeling slippery it seems difficult to wash. Your skin may feel clammy because the minerals absorb moisture which can cause constant dryness.

Shower screens and tiles become coated with insoluble deposits which leave spots that over time will build up on the surface and can be difficult to remove. In the laundry the soap curd works its way into your clothes as they are being washed trapping dirt fibres which can stiffen and roughen the fabric.

Inside pipes hard water leaves deposits known a ‘scale’ which over time can build-up and eventually blocking pipework. The electric kettle, hot water service and steam iron often give indications of the presence of scale with white deposits on their surface.

With a water softener installed the results are instant. The ‘hardness’ causing minerals are removed and the PH of the water is lowered to a more ‘Ideal’ level. Soft water is better suited to people with sensitive skin and already suffer from conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Water tested before the installed softener indicated a high PH level

Water tested after the softener indicated a more ‘Ideal’ PH level

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