I’m just investigating water filtration, what sort of system should I buy?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve. People often confuse water filters with purifiers. Water filters remove sediment and bacteria from water in already good condition, they do not turn putrid, rotten water into crystal clear delicious water. Make sure you have your tank cleaned and inspected prior to installing a water filtration system.


First option is to remove sediment, colour taste and odour  using a Whole House Rainwater Filtration System.


Second option is to remove bacteria and germs with an Ultraviolet Water Steriliser.


Third option is to remove tannin discolouration from the rainwater with a Tannin Removal Filter.

What is the difference between Tank Doctor and other water filtration systems?

High quality components and warranty. 


First thing is to look at where a filtration system is made. Our systems assembled in Australia using the very best quality components on the market from countries like Italy, Canada and USA.


Most of our systems arrive fully assembled and are built to last.


Our Viqua UV systems have a 10-year chamber warranty.

Is there any loss of water flow or pressure with the filtration system installed?

Our filtration systems are large in size with 25mm (1″) pipework and water ports so you will not notice any loss of flow or pressure with the system in operation. Only in time when the filter cartridges become overwhelmed with sediment will a loss of flow or pressure be noticed.

How often do the rainwater filtration systems need servicing?

Filter cartridges need to be changed every 12-months or sooner. It depends on how dirty the rainwater is and what volumes are traveling through the system.


The UV lamp is replaced on an annual basis to ensure the correct wavelength of light is being delivered. The quartz sleeve in the UV systems must be cleaned at least every 12-months.


This process can be viewed on our Maintenance Videos.

How easy are rainwater filtration systems to install?

Depending on the installation location, the process is usually quite simple to complete. We have several helpful installation videos under the ‘Help’ menu to use as a guide.

Will the whole house rainwater filter system remove the yellow colour from my rainwater supply?

The whole house rainwater filtration system will remove dirt and sediment particles that contribute to colour. The systems include a silver carbon block which absorbs some colour taste and odour.


For really bad tannin stained water you will need to include a CA2 tannin removal filter system.

Where can I purchase replacement filter cartridges and UV lamps for my filtration system?

Replacement items are available in our online store. We have combination packages available for filter cartridges and UV lamps.

If I order online, how long does delivery take?

All orders will be processed and dispatched within 24 hours and will be sent by courier or AusPost. We do our very best to ensure you receive your items promptly.


Most customers can expect to receive their order within 5-7 working days or 7-10 days for remote areas

Do you ship to a PO Box address?

We can deliver small parcels to your PO Box via Australia Post. Larger items require a street side delivery address.


How often should I have my tank cleaned?

Tank cleaning should be performed every 2-3 years or earlier depending on the tank and the condition of the water.


Houses located under trees will often pollute a rainwater tank much sooner than a house in the open so these tanks will need annual attention.

How much water do I lose during the tank cleaning process?

This depends on the tank we are cleaning.


If the tank is in normal condition we can do a standard tank clean to remove the sludge from the tank floor which will remove minimal water.


If the tank has been neglected and in putrid condition we will clean, drain and flush the tank out completely as required.

Is the tank stired up during the clelaning process?

No, our suction cleaning process is very efficient and the tank water can be used the same day after cleaning.

Can my tank be cleaned while full or should it be empty?

We can clean your tank when full but rather than empty, we prefer at least 40-50cm of water to be left in the tank.

Do you use chemicals in the tank cleaning process?

No chemicals are used during the tank cleaning process.