Whole House Water Filter Brisbane

Improve Rainwater Condition With Our Whole House Water Filter Brisbane

Established in 2005, The Tank Doctor provides quality, Australian Made whole house water filters for homes in Brisbane. David, The Tank Doctor’s founder, identified a need for better filtration systems to protect Australians from dirt and germs found through the utilisation of inadequate rainwater filters. He developed his own products to combat providing dangerous, unfiltered water arriving into the family home.

The whole house water filters in Brisbane, utilise ultraviolet sterilization and suction systems to improve the condition of your water, therefore do not use chemicals to filter the water. Additionally, The Tank Doctor products are made to last. With a 10-year chamber warranty, after sales support and servicing parts available (such as filter cartages) you can rest assured that the quality systems will keep your water safe for years to come.

If you’d like to ensure that the water is safe for consumption, using a whole house water filter in Brisbane can be an ideal solution. Talk to our experts today if you need a quality whole house water filter in Brisbane.

Whole House Water Filter Brisbane

Why Brisbane Clients Depend On Our Whole House Water Filters

Since 2005, Brisbane residents have depended on our high-quality whole house water filters because:

  • They Are Australian Made

    We manufacture our water filters with durable products. They also come with an excellent warranty. We use stainless steel to manufacturer the water inlets and outlets. The Viqua UV Steriliser provides all the UV light; it also comes with cartridges that can come in either twin or triple options.

  • Filter Out Without Any Chemicals

    Primarily, all our whole house water filters in Brisbane will clean the water using two stages. The water will pass through the cartridges to remove the discolouration, sludge, and other large particles. It will then head out to the UV Steriliser, where the water will pass through strong UV light to eliminate the remaining bacteria and organic matter. Once installed, you can rest assured that the water filter doesn’t lower the water pressure or flow.

Whole House Water Filter Brisbane

The Tank Doctor – Our Brisbane Whole House Water Filters Will Kill 99.9% Of Bacteria In Your Water

We have a wide range of whole house water filters in Brisbane on our online store. You can check the best-suited option for your needs. If you have a large tank or live in an area where dirt creeps into your tank easily, choosing a triple cartridge water filter would suit you.

Once you place your order, we’ll be sure to send it your way promptly. The water filter comes with everything you need to install it, including an instructional manual. You can also check our website for video tutorials.

Your whole house water filter in Brisbane will be ready to use after correct installation. The water filter system will start cleaning your water as it distributes it into your home or commercial premises for consumption. Note that you don’t need to add any chemical solutions to clean the water once you install our filter system.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to know more about our whole house water filters in Brisbane or place an order. Our team will respond to your request promptly. Our passionate team cannot wait to assist you!