Complete Home Water Filters in Perth

Filter Your Rainwater With Our Efficient Whole House Water Filter Perth

The Tank Doctor specialises in manufacturing high quality rainwater filtration systems and has been protecting households from unwanted dirt and germs for over 16 years. Our Australian-made whole house water filters utilise ultraviolet sterilisation and thus avoid adding additional chemicals to your home’s water supply. This technology originally developed by The Tank Doctor ensures that your water is clean and ready for consumption or use, without causing harm to your family.

When you store the water in tanks for a long time, the water can become unsuitable for consumption, especially if rodents, leaves and other dirt come into contact with the water. The dirt leads to the growth of bacteria and may introduce toxic chemicals into the water. Rely on our whole house water filter in Perth for efficient and quality protection from contaminated rainwater for years to come.

What Makes Our Whole Water Filter Reliable In Perth

The Tank Doctor specialises in providing tank-cleaning services. Since 2005, our company prides itself on delivering whole house water filters in Perth for residential and industrial use.

Perth homes get their water from several sources, mainly desalination plants, aquifer groundwater and surface water from dams. Many households in Perth also have rainwater tanks that provide an additional water source, especially during dry summers. That’s where whole house water filters in Perth come in handy.

Our rainwater filtration systems comprise high-quality components. Hence, they guarantee you long life and easy maintenance. The filtrations systems are Australian-made products, including stainless steel fabrication, patented filter housings, Viqua UV steriliser, UV digital day count down time with an alarm, stainless steel water inlets and outlets, and clear filter housings for easy inspections.

Twin Vs. Triple Cartridge Options

We also offer two cartridge options for the whole house water filters in Perth. If you need the filter for a standard-size household tank, a twin cartridge will serve you well. For larger premises, or when the water is too brown, you may need the triple cartridge filtering system due to high filtering demand.

Our Whole Water Filters Are Easy To Use And Install In Perth

If you are looking for a whole house water filter in Perth that’s easy to use; you should try our rainwater filtration systems. We’ll deliver them to you fully assembled and ready to install. You can choose the freestanding version – suitable for outdoor installation or the wall-mounted version you can install indoors.

How The Filtration System Works

These systems are easy to use and don’t require you to add any chemicals to filter the water. The water will first pass through the cartridges to remove the sludge and the discolouration. It will then flow into the UV steriliser to remove the bacteria present in the water.

Our whole house water filters in Perth are easy to maintain. They will only require servicing every 12 months, where you’ll need to replace the cartridges and clean the UV sterilisers.

Ready to treat yourself to clean and usable water? Call us today, and a professional from our team will help you with whole house water filtration.

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    What is a whole house water filter in Perth?

    A whole house water filter is a system that treats the water that flows into your home. Whether it is sourced from rainwater or the local water supply, you need a whole house water filter in Perth.

    Rather than just treating the water in your kitchen sink, a complete home water filtration system ensures the water quality from every faucet, showerhead and toilet. It removes contaminants, chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides in your water supply. It can also reduce the sediment damage to your plumbing and appliances that rely on water, such as your dishwasher and washing machine.

    Other water filters are equipped with UV lamps that disinfect the bacteria that may have grown in your rainwater tank.

    Do I need home water filtration in Perth?

    If you live in Perth, you know the summers can be really dry. The local water supply may be affected, leaving households with limited access to water. It’s one of the reasons rainwater tanks are becoming more popular in the city — it acts as a backup water supply.

    Whether or not you have rainwater tanks, you can benefit from a whole house water filter in Perth. The various filtration systems we offer on The Tank Doctor are made with high-quality components such as Viqua UV disinfection systems. Prolong the lifespan of your pipes and appliances by minimising clogging. Remove the taste of chlorine in the water you drink. Protect your family from bathing in disease-causing bacteria with a home filtration system in Perth.