Rainwater Filtration Systems

Clean Rainwater Using Our Rainwater Filtration Systems

Water is an essential part of our lives. If you depend on rainwater, you’d probably wonder whether it’s safe to drink it. Well, with the wrong filtration system, sometimes this isn’t the case.

Rainwater can become unsafe to drink if the storage tank is not clean. An unclean tank additionally helps to breed different bacteria and dirt. Hence, once you consume the water, you may be susceptible to diseases and infection.

If you are looking for the perfect method to clean the water in the storage tank, you can depend on our high-quality rainwater filtration systems. We have a wide range of filtration options for residential and commercial premises. You can trust our Australian made product to protect your family from the hidden bacteria in your system.

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Rainwater Filtration Systems
Rainwater Filtration Systems

Our Rainwater Filtration Systems Consist Of Superior Products

The Tank Doctor prides itself on providing tank cleaning and rainwater filtration systems for over 16 years. We have a wide range of products in our online store to ensure that you pump clean rainwater into your home or industrial premises.

Why Should You Buy Our Filtration Systems?

Our filtration systems are superior products made up of quality components. The filtration system comes with Italian made filter housings and super-strong stainless steel fabrication. It will kill 99.9% of the bacteria in rainwater by exposing it to UV light. Our products also offer genuine quality and warranty which our competitors, simply cannot offer.

On top of that, our rainwater filtration systems are easy to install. We deliver them assembled and fully plumbed. The systems are come with an instruction guide, and you can always reach out to us with any additional queries.

The Tank Doctor – Guaranteed Rainwater Safety With Our Filtration Systems

If you are looking for an effective rainwater filtration system to help supply filtered water into your home or commercial property, we are the people to call. We have experienced and licensed experts who’ll provide all the guidance you need during installation and tank cleaning.

How Our Filtration System Works

We have two types of filtration systems, either the wall mounted system or the free-standing version—the type of triple cartridge filter system used depends on your needs. The cartridge system will filter any dirt, colour, and sludge from the rainwater in the first stage. In the second part, the water passes through an ultraviolet sterilisation system, which will sterilise the water using UV light so that it can get into your home.

Once installed, the rainwater filtration system doesn’t cause low pressure or flow; hence, it’s an efficient way to get clean and filtered rainwater into your home.

Rainwater Filtration Systems

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