Whole House Water Filters in Adelaide

Whole House Water Filter in Adelaide

Water is an essential part of our lives. If you depend on rainwater, you’d probably wonder whether it’s safe to drink it. Well, with the wrong filtration system installed, you may think you are protected, but sometimes this isn’t the case.

Rainwater can become unsafe to drink if the storage tank is not cleaned on a regular basis. An unclean tank additionally helps to breed different bacteria as, over time, it becomes full ofor dirt and sludge. Hence, once you consume the water, you may be susceptible to diseases and infection.

If you are looking for the perfect method to clean and sterilise the water from the storage tank, you can depend on our high-quality Whole House Water Filter in Adelaide. We have a wide range of filtration options for residential and commercial premises. You can trust our Adelaide made product to protect your family from the hidden bacteria in your system through the use of Ultraviolet sterilization.

Many Adelaide homeowners use point-of-use water filtration systems to treat the water they drink from individual taps. They are installed under each faucet to treat the water that comes out before use. However, you can ensure water quality throughout your home with point-of-entry water filtration systems to treat water that flows into the home and out of all taps, fixtures and appliances. Whether water is coming through the kitchen sink or the shower head, lessen your worry about the contaminants, chlorine or sediments that enter your home with our whole house water filters in Adelaide.

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Our Rainwater Filtration Systems Adelaide Consist of Superior Products

The Tank Doctor prides itself on providing professional tank cleaning and rainwater filtration systems in Adelaide for over 18 years. We have a wide range of products in our online store to ensure that your pump delivers clean rainwater into your home or industrial premises.

Our Whole House Water Filters in Adelaide are the very best on the market!

Our filtration systems are superior products consisting of high quality components. The filtration systems use Italian made filter housings and also include a Canadian made UV starilisation system. Our unique ‘Free-Standing’ filtration system support frames are designed, fabricated and assembled in Adelaide. The sterilisation system will kill 99.9% of bacteria in the rainwater by exposing it to ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet sterilisation is a process that uses UV light rays to sterilise your rainwater supply which is a safe and chemical-free solution to keep your water supply safe.

Our UV products offer genuine quality and include a 10-year UV chamber warranty which our competitors, simply do not offer.

On top of that, our whole house water filters in Adelaide are very quick to install and include an easy to follow instruction guide. We deliver your new filtration system with free-postage, fully assembled and ready to go!


Our Filtatank Whole House Water Filters in Adelaide Are Easy to Maintain

The Filtatank range of whole house water filter systems made in Adelaide are easy to use and maintain. The filter cartridges and UV lamps need to be changed every 12 months. We have all the replacements available to order at our online store.

The unique clear filter housings in our ‘Free-Standing’ range allow for quick and easy inspection of the rainwater filter cartridge condition at any time. Fully plumbed in 25mm stainless steel pipework, the system utilises handy isolation taps and an air purge tap to make servicing quick and easy for the user.

Filtatank Filtration Systems are proudly designed and built in Adelaide. With over 18 years of experience selling and installing rainwater filtration systems, you are assured of an extremely high quality product with excellent after-sales support.

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Our whole house water filter systems in Adelaide come in two options. You can choose between the twin cartridge or the triple filtration system. Contact us for more information or visit our Rain Water Filters page for more detailed product information

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    Why do I need a whole house water filter in Adelaide?

    At The Tank Doctor, we’re proud to offer whole house water filters to Adelaide homes and businesses that want safe water, whether for drinking, cooking or washing. Water in Adelaide is generally safe for consumption as it is treated with chlorine. Rainwater is also used as an alternative water supply, but it needs to be filtered and disinfected if you want to drink it.

    For people with sensitivities to the taste, allergies or specific health concerns to various water contaminants, complete home filtration in your Adelaide address can give you the best water quality and peace of mind.

    What whole house water filter is best for my Adelaide home?

    We offer a wide range of complete home filtration for Adelaide customers of top-notch quality. If your primary concern is chlorine, we highly recommend our Whole House Sanic MAINS WATER Filtration System. It has a 5-micron Matrikx CTO carbon cartridge for removing the colour, taste and odour of chlorine and chloramine.

    For filtering the sediment and bacteria in your tap water, consider our Triple ‘Free-Standing’ Rainwater Filtration System with UV. It sterilises harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Giardia and Salmonella.

    If you are unsure which whole house water filter in Adelaide is right for you, browse the range of rainwater filtration systems on The Tank Doctor.

    How can I maintain my whole house water filter?

    Our complete filtration systems are not only easy to install, they are also easy to maintain. Cartridges need changing every 12 months or depending on the murkiness of the rainwater. If your rainwater filtration system is equipped with a UV steriliser, replace the UV lamp and clean the quartz sleeve annually.

    For a step-by-step guide on servicing your whole house water filter in Adelaide, watch our maintenance videos or reach out to us.