Whole House Water Filters in Sydney

Guaranteed Water Safety With Our Whole House Water Filter Sydney

Is your water safe for drinking? When you store rainwater, many things can contaminate the water, making it unsuitable for human consumption. Rodents and leaves can creep into the tank. A thick sludge can form at the bottom of the tank. The environment within the tank can lead to the growth of bacteria and other organic matter.

Cleaning the water by emptying the tank or adding chemicals could be what you have done previously. However, using our whole house water filter in Sydney will help to eliminate the dirt with minimal water loss and without the use of chemicals.

At The Tank Doctor, we guarantee that our rainwater filter systems are of the highest quality as they are Australian Made. They will assist in eliminating up to 99.9% of the bacteria in the water without using any chemicals. Visit our online store today to view our range of whole house water filters in Sydney.

Our Whole House Water Filters Are Built To Last In Sydney

Since 2005, The Tank Doctor has been providing functional water filters for whole house use in Sydney. Our water filters come in different designs and shapes to fit different purposes and needs.

  • We Manufacture The Water Filters

    Our company takes pride in providing high-quality water filter systems for residential and industrial premises. The systems comprise of cartridges, Viqua UV sterilisers, pressure gauges (to indicate water pressure), stainless steel inlets and outlets, and filter housings that prevent water leakage during the filtration process.

  • Different Designs Available

    Apart from building our whole house water filters Sydney to  last, we also provide different design options to suit your needs. If you need a filter to install outside, you can purchase the free-standing option. The wall-mounted option is ideal for indoor installation.

    We also provide twin or triple cartridge options depending on the filtering demand. If you need to filter a larger amount of water, the triple cartridge is the best choice.

Installing Our Sydney Whole House Water Filters Is Seamless

Our team will ensure that we deliver the whole house water filter Sydney promptly. We will package the filter well, with all the pieces assembled for immediate installation. If you require guidance in installing the rainwater filter system, we’ll include a manual. You can also check our website for video tutorials.

The Water Filters Get To Work Immediately

The whole house water filter in Sydney is easy to use. Water runs through the cartridges first to eliminate the dirt, odours, and sludge. It then goes into the UV steriliser, where it passes through a strong UV light to remove the remaining bacteria.

Our water filters don’t cause a drop in water pressure or flow after installation, which helps to efficiently supply the rainwater in your home.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about our whole house water filter in Sydney. Our team is also available to offer you any added assistance if you have any questions about our services and products.

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