A Complete Home Water Purification System Can Make Your Water Safe to Drink

Make your water safer with a complete home water purification system A complete home water purification system filters out many of the unhealthy chemicals and bacteria found in everyday drinking water Did you know that chlorine is added to water supplies in controlled amounts to clean it... ... read more.

Start Harvesting Rainwater Safely with a Float System for Water Tank

Harvesting rainwater is safer with a float system for your water tank In recent years, the idea of ‘going green’ and adopting sustainability measures has become increasingly popular among homeowners One strategy that many Australian homeowners have thought about is implementing a rainwater... ... read more.

Do You Need a Twin Whole house Rainwater Filter System or a Triple Whole House Rainwater Filter System?

Do you need a triple or twin whole house rainwater filter system At The Tank Doctor, our whole house rainwater filtration systems come in two forms: twin cartridge systems and triple cartridge systems Both systems offer high-quality water filtration capabilities for homeowners harvesting... ... read more.

UV Light Bulbs Provide Water Purification Via a UV Lamp for Safe Drinking Water

A rainwater tank requires UV light bulbs for water purification Catching rainwater for use in your home requires more than a tank to collect the water falling from the sky Improper storage leads to harmful bacteria and viruses that could be passed along to you and your family UV lamp for water... ... read more.

Rainwater Filter Accessories Ensure Quality Water for your Home

Proper water filter accessories keep purification systems efficient Making the transition to drinking rainwater involves installing a water filtration system that sanitises rainwater making it fit for consumption The Tank Doctor is an authority in the area of water purification for human use Our... ... read more.

Call The Tank Doctor for Water Storage Tank Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Are you in need of water tank cleaning services in Adelaide For quality water tank cleaning, look no further than the professional team at The Tank Doctor With 13 years of experience in tank cleaning services in Adelaide, we provide the skilful touch that will ensure your water tank stays clean... ... read more.

Trust The Tank Doctor to Install Your Whole House Activated Carbon Filter System

Are you interested in investing in a whole house carbon water filter As an authority on rainwater filtration and tank cleaning, at The Tank Doctor, we understand what you need to do as a homeowner to ensure your whole house carbon filter system is working correctly We offer quality customer... ... read more.

Put the Health of Your Family in Good Hands with a Whole House Rainwater Filter System from The Tank Doctor

A whole house rainwater filter system is vital for rainwater harvest When you install a rainwater tank on your property, you are opening the door to lots of benefits You’ve found a way to harvest water naturally and put it to good use, from drinking, showering, washing laundry and flushing... ... read more.

Why You Need a Whole House Tannin Filter to Improve the Quality of Your Rainwater

If you are harvesting rainwater, you need a whole house tannin filter At The Tank Doctor, our job is to help homeowners throughout Australia get more out of their rainwater tanks Harvesting rainwater can be a terrific way to reduce or eliminate monthly water bill costs while adopting a greener... ... read more.

Filter Your Water with a Whole House UV Water Filtration System

Remove bacteria and more with a whole house UV water filtration system Filtering your water before use throughout your whole house is essential to remove dirt particles and other organic content that negatively impacts the water A water filtration system from The Tank Doctor that services your... ... read more.

What a Whole House Water Filtration System Can Do for Your Home

A whole house water filtration system benefits the whole family Ensuring that your water is clear and safe to drink is as easy as buying the right whole house water filtration system At The Tank Doctor, we know you want only the best for your family and home We offer our entire house water... ... read more.

Is Your Residential Water Hard? Get a Whole House Water Softener System

Water that is high in minerals such as calcium and magnesium is called “hard water,” and it has many negative impacts At The Tank Doctor, we have the ideal house water softener system to help you soften your water and reduce the damages that hard water causes Through an ion exchange system, a... ... read more.