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Proper water filter accessories keep purification systems efficient.

Making the transition to drinking rainwater involves installing a water filtration system that sanitises rainwater making it fit for consumption. The Tank Doctor is an authority in the area of water purification for human use. Our rainwater tanks and purifications systems ensure safe drinking water for your family.

Benefits of Water Filter Accessories from The Tank Doctor

The Tank Doctor has been in business for over 13 years developing water filtration systems for rainwater tanks. Ensuring good quality drinking water is what drives us to be the best in the market.

  • Products are designed and produced in Australia using only high-quality components. Whole house carbon filter replacements work with all our water filtration systems for effortless replacement.
  • We fully assemble filtration systems before installation for a smooth transition. Our experienced technicians review the replacement of the household water filter cartridges with you and are available to answer questions should they arise.
  • The use of strong stainless steel in the fabrication of our products ensures longevity and minimal maintenance. Whole house water filter cartridge replacement is simple and takes little time to complete.
  • Filtration systems housings are Watermark approved ensuring quality and are guaranteed to fit our whole house carbon filter cartridges.
  • Our high flow household replacement filters can handle up to 120 psi and are designed to work with our water filtration systems.

The Importance of Water Filter Accessories

Filters are wonderful devices. They prevent debris particles from entering your water purification system clogging lines and rendering the system useless. Regular maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance of any water filtration system.

  • Maintaining an inspection schedule of your water filter accessories is essential. Excessive debris from falling leaves or windswept soil will build up quickly on filters so be mindful of the conditions around your storage tank.
  • Using appropriate fixtures in your rainwater filtration system ensures long-lasting operation and quality drinking water.

Why you should buy from The Tank Doctor

We have over 13 years’ experience designing and installing high quality water filtration systems. We use only the best components from Australia, Canada and Italy offering our customers high quality rainwater filtration systems for their homes. Our water filter accessories work in concert with our rainwater filtration systems providing a worry-free replacement for our customers.

Don’t neglect the components of your rainwater filtration system. Replacing filters ensures a quality water supply for your family and keeps your system running efficiently. Contact us for more information on our water filter fittings. Our experienced staff are available to answer any of your questions regarding our products.