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Welcome to The Tank Doctor!

We specialise in the Cleaning of Rainwater Tanks and the manufacture of high quality Rainwater Filtration Systems with Ultraviolet Sterilisation. Let us help to protect your home and family today from dirt and germs!

Kill Germs Fast in your water supply with U.V. Sterilisation!

Rainwater Filtration

What makes Filtatank filtration systems the best choice?

  • Designed and built in Australia from the highest quality components.
  • Filtration systems arrive fully assembled ready to install.
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses through exposure to UV light.
  • Super strong stainless steel fabrication.
  • Italian made patented filter housings rated to 120psi. Watermark approved.
  • High quality Viqua UV systems with 10-year chamber warranty!
  • U.V. digital day count down timer with warning alarm.
  • Dual stainless steel water inlet / outlet pressure guages.
  • Fully plumbed with high quality 316 stainless steel components.

The Original 'Free-Standing' Rainwater Filtration System

Unique 'Clear' Filter Housings

Filtatank Twin Cartridge Rainwater Filtration System

Fully Assembled Systems

We have a great range of Rainwater Filtration Systems including the ‘Free-Standing’ Filtatank models that have been especially designed for quick and easy installation and system maintenance.

Designed and made in Australia, each system is ‘Plug and Play’, fully plumbed and ready to go. Systems can be installed next to rainwater tanks, out in a paddock or next to the house, making Filtatank systems a brilliant option for all different applications. They can even be quickly transported to different locations such as building or mining sites where on-site water filtration is required.

Have your tank cleaned today by the professionals

We manufacture high quality rainwater filtration systems in South Australia