Water Filters & Household Filtration


Installing a rainwater filter

Water filter systems help protect the entire home from the effects of dirt, sand and silt which can corrode pipes and become lodged in the hot water service, dishwasher, toilet and bathroom taps, which could lead to costly repairs. Not to mention the unsightly discoloration of toilet bowl, bath tubs and your washing being soiled and stained from dirt.

We help to keep your rainwater clean and safe by servicing your filter system every 12 months.

Whole House Twin Cartridge Rainwater Filter System

Water Filters & Household Filtration
Twin Whole House System72dpi
Whole house rainwater filters protect the home from dirt and particles that may be suspended in the water supply. The More Info »
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Whole House Triple Cartridge Rainwater Filtration System

Water Filters & Household Filtration
Triple Rainwater Filtration System Cut Out
Whole house rainwater filters protect the home from dirt and particles that may be suspended in the water supply. The More Info »
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Whole House Triple Cartridge Rainwater Filtration System with Aqua-Pro Water Sterilization Unit

Water Filters & Household Filtration
triple system uv exploded view
Whole house rainwater filters with Ultraviolet Sterilization protect the home from dirt and germs that may be present in the More Info »
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Aqua-Pro Ultraviolet Water Sterilization unit 12 GPM (45.6 litre)

Water Filters & Household Filtration
Aqua Pro U.V. water filter 12 GPM-272dpi
U.V. technology deactivates bacteria such as Cysts including Cryptosporidium and Giardia, viruses and fungal spores form rainwater and other water More Info »
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Whole House Twin Rainwater Filter System (Small Size) with Aqua Pro 6GPM Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Water Filters & Household Filtration
twin cartridge 10 x 4.5 filter system with Aquapro 6gpm U.V
Twin 10"x 4.5" Whole House Rainwater Filter System with AquaPro Ultraviolet Sterilization system. For use in smaller applications such as More Info »
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HiFlow Inline Water Filter System

Water Filters & Household Filtration
HiFlow filter 72dpi
The HiFlow water filter system is easy to install, connecting directly to any mixer tap or cold water tap. This More Info »
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Dirty filter cartridgeDo you realise that the upset stomach you may often have is probably not something you ate, it’s most likely the unfiltered rain water that you drink!

A very common statement is “I’ve been on tank water all my life and it’s never hurt me!”

Leaves, dirt, millipedes, snails, rodents, spiders, frogs and even lizards often enter rainwater tanks where they decompose on the tank floor, creating bio film which contaminates the water. Droppings from birds and possums that fall on your roof end up in the tank, where they form E-coli, Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, Giardia and water-born worms.

What lies in the bottom of your rainwater tank is enough to make you and your family very sick!

Clean Tap WaterThe amount of sludge that is captured by the Whole House filter cartridges in just 12-months is enough to shock most of our clients. Some insist that there rainwater is clear and clean for most of the year. What they fail to understand is that not only is the sludge on the bottom of their rainwater tank the main cause, but also that rainwater holds a great deal of dirt particles in suspension and every time it rains this increases. Their pressure pump effectively vacuums the sludge from the rainwater tank and pumps it directly into the house. If consumed, your body has to filter out all the sludge.

At The Tank Doctor we offer two main stages to filtering rainwater between your pressure pump or mains supply to your house.


Filtration of dirt and solids from the rainwater or mains water supply through our Twin Cartridge Whole House Filtration System.
Firstly, the Rainwater passes through a 20″ x 4.5″ polyester pleated cartridge, which captures suspended solids in the water such as dirt, rust, algae etc. The cartridge is rated to 10 Microns.

How big is a Micron?
How big is a micron?

The rainwater then passes through a 20″ x 4.5″ activated carbon block cartridge. Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that removes contaminants and impurities, utilizing chemical adsorption. The cartridge assists in the removal of finer silt particles along with colour, taste, odour, chlorine and some germs from the rainwater supply. The cartridge is rated to 5 Microns.


Sterilization of the rainwater supply through our Stainless Steel
Ultra-Violet Water Sterilizer.

U.V. light is an effective and economical way of eliminating harmful bacteria form the rainwater supply. The system consists of a stainless steel chamber that houses a 39W Ultra-Violet light bulb. The rainwater passes through the chamber at the correct speed, exposing harmful bacteria to ultra-violet light at a wavelength of 254nm. This damages the DNA of the bacteria and eliminates its ability to reproduce.

Twin Cartridge Whole House Filtration
System with U.V. Sterilizer

Twin Cartridge Whole House Filtration System with U.V. Sterilizer



Changing a rainwater filter cartridgeDo the filters restrict flow or pressure in my house?

Our Whole-House filter cartridges are large in size, which allows for greater water flow resulting in no noticeable flow or pressure restriction.

**Please note: Many filter systems on the market are not approved**

All our filtration housings are pressure tested and approved to Australian / New Zealand Standards
AS/NZS 3497: 1998 Drinking water treatment units – plumbing requirements AS 3737: 2001. Method of pressure cycling resistance of pipes and fittings.

How long do the filter cartridges and U.V. light bulbs last?

Filter cartridges and U.V. bulbs last for 12 months. We offer to service your system every 12 months replacing spent U.V. bulbs and dirty filter cartridges with brand new filters ensuring clean, fresh water all year round.

What about unit quality & warranty?

All filter systems are installed with a 12 month parts and labour warranty. Our filter cartridges are very high quality, made in both the U.S.A. and New Zealand.

How easy are the Rainwater filters to install?

Our qualified installers will custom fit your filtration system after the pressure pump either at the rainwater tank or at the house.

Should I have my rainwater tested?

We can send a sample of your water in for testing however the results will vary throughout the year. The test results may return good at the time however as the seasons change things such as Autumn leaves, summer sun heating water pipes increasing bacteria, dirt and organics when it rains, slime and bacteria fed in to tanks from under-ground pipes known as ‘wet systems’ can quickly change the good test result into a hazard with you unaware of the change.

Example: You have a rainwater sample tested in June and the result is ok. During November, bacteria breeds to unsafe levels in your tank from unclean rainwater entering the rainwater tank. Suddenly members of the family becomes sick yet you ruled out the tank because you ‘had it tested and it was ok’.

The best solution is to install a permanent filter barrier between your family and the rainwater supply. If your rainwater quality varies throughout the year, you will be assured that your home and family have a protective barrier in place.

The Tank Doctor provides water filters and house rainwater filtration products Australia-wide, including Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Tasmania & Darwin. We sell water filters that filter tap water, and rainwater filtration systems.
Some of the suburbs in Adelaide South Australia The Tank Doctor services include Mclaren Flat, Mclaren Vale, Happy Valley, Willunga, Meadows, Flaxley, Macclesfield, Strathalbyn, Kangarilla, Echunga, Prospect Hill, Ashborne, Clarendon, Chandlers Hill, Cherry Gardens, Ironbank, Upper Sturt, Onkaparinga Hills, Crafers, Crafers West, Longwood, Scott Creek, Stirling, Bridgewater, Aldgate, Mylor, Coromandel East, Coromandel Valley, Blackwood, Belair, Glenalta, Horthorndene, Mt Barker, Littlehampton, Hahndorf, Verdun, Nairne, Balhannah, Oakbank, Woodside, Lobethal, Lenswood, Forest Range, Cherryville, Norton Summit, Basket Range, Ashton, Uraidla, Summertown and Piccadilly.