I’m very impresses with their Water filtration system & after sales support! Great to deal with such an upstanding company

When it comes to rainwater tanks, David is a really knowledgeable bloke who knows his stuff. Super friendly service and follow up. Ive invested in a filtration system expertly installed by David & his team and the replacement cartridges are always delivered promptly on time when ordered. Our rainwater went from stinky beer coloured to crystal clear once tank Doctor had sorted my system. Would highly recommend this business and David to any prospective customer

Awesome service. I can highly recommend David. Quick service with great follow up and happy to provide the lesser service rather doing and charging the greater.

Hi there all prospective clients of David and his team. My wife and I had an issue with our 1980’s large round cement tank roof collapse down into the rain water tank. After a few panicky moments and a few phone calls for help to which those who viewed went “not sure”! We contacted David at the Tank Doctor and he was extremely co-operative and most willing to come and have a look at our problem all the way up in the hills. David checked over the problem and quickly came up with a solution on how to replace the old roof and how to save as much of our precious water along the way. Myself being a bit of an old fussy guy wished to protect our plants around the tank and did not want any materials left in the surrounding grass areas during the removal and replacement process to which I made a point of at the time of my discussions with David. Everything we asked for and and was agreed to by David and and his team was spot on. He came on time and did the job to perfection and did not leave one old nail and or piece of metal anywhere. They even stacked the old wooden frame neatly where I requested. My wife and I were both delighted with David’s professionalism, the job and how clean he left everything. Great classy workmanship. Much appreciated. To David and team may you get all the business you rightly deserve. Regards Mark & Cheryl.