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Whole house water softener systems combat hard water.

Water that is high in minerals such as calcium and magnesium is called “hard water,” and it has many negative impacts. At The Tank Doctor, we have the ideal house water softener system to help you soften your water and reduce the damages that hard water causes. Through an ion exchange system, a residential water softener will positively affect many areas of your household including your kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and water heater system.

The Importance of Whole House Water Softener Systems

A whole house water softener will save you money and energy over the long term. Here’s how.

  • Reducing Scale Buildup in Pipes: Hard water leads to scale buildup and clogging in pipes. These effects diminish the efficient running of your water heater, meaning you need more energy to heat water. You can reduce your energy expenses with a water softener, as it will reduce the clogging of your pipes and allow your heater to run more effectively.
  • Effective Soap Use: Soap reacts with the calcium and magnesium in water to form a salt that makes soap less effective. Skin and hair become dry, scratchy, and dull due to hard water. Clothes and sheets washed in hard water also become scratchy, and bright white items fade quickly. Softened water will lead to a richer lather of soap and shampoos with less quantity. Fabrics will last longer, your skin will feel smoother and less irritated, and your hair will feel soft and look shiny.
  • Preserving the Life of Household Appliances: Just as hard water causes the scale to build up in pipes, it leads to residue left behind in household appliances. Minerals can build up in coffee machines, ice makers, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters, causing these household items to run less efficiently or sustain damage. Water softener systems reduce the likelihood of having to replace multiple appliances due to hard water.

Common Mistakes People Make with Whole House Water Softener Systems

People often confuse a water softener system with a water filtration system and consequently don’t understand how this system functions. Here are a few misconceptions.

  • City-Supplied Water is Not Hard: While commonly found in homes with a private water supply, water softeners also help to reduce the hardness of city water supplies. Water delivered to homes from various city suppliers has the potential to contain minerals that can lead to hard water.
  • Water Will Be Too Salty: Water softener salts in water create an ion exchange process that removes calcium and magnesium. Often people hear the word “salts” and think that their water will taste salty as a result. However, the main component of the exchange is sodium and not common table salt. Your water will not taste salty.

A water softener system will reduce the negative impact of hard water on your home appliances and provide meaningful benefits your health and well being, including reducing itchy skin and dry hair.

Why Customer Should Use The Tank Doctor

At The Tank Doctor, we provide quality hand-crafted products that solve your water problems and get you the positive filtration and softener results you need. Our highly-trained staff offers professional advice and ensures that you get the ideal water solution to suit your home. Contact us today to discuss a water softener for your home.