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A whole house rainwater filter system is vital for rainwater harvest.

When you install a rainwater tank on your property, you are opening the door to lots of benefits. You’ve found a way to harvest water naturally and put it to good use, from drinking, showering, washing laundry and flushing toilets. However, rainwater can also pose a risk for your family if you aren’t cleaning and filtering it thoroughly—and The Tank Doctor can help.

Common Mistakes People Make with Rainwater Harvesting

At The Tank Doctor, our Filtatank rainwater filtration systems for home use offer an extremely effective way to clean rainwater so that it is safe for household use. These products help our customers overcome some of these common mistakes that occur with rainwater harvesting.

  • Not paying attention to filtration: Your rainwater tank isn’t just collecting rainwater; you are bound to end up with dirt, plant matter, and animal matter as well. These contaminants can include or feed bacteria, often leaving rainwater contaminated with dangerous germs. Our Filtatank systems effectively and automatically remove contaminants from your water so that you don’t have to think or worry about them.
  • Assuming rainwater can’t be used for drinking: A common misconception with rainwater harvesting is that the water you harvest can only be used for tasks like laundry or flushing toilets, but not for drinking. With the right filtration system, rainwater can be used for anything from drinking to showering to washing dishes and beyond. With a whole house rainwater filter, you can get far more use out of your harvested rainwater.
  • Not shopping around for better filtration systems: Your rainwater tank may have a filtration system installed, but is it the best system on the market? Built from the finest components and outfitted with powerful UV sterilisation technology, our systems will kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria or viruses in your water.

Related Services We Provide to Whole House Rainwater Filter Systems

If you need water filters for rainwater tanks, The Tank Doctor can help–but our services also go beyond just this type of UV filtration system.

  • Tank cleaning: Even if you have already installed a rainwater tank filter system, it is still essential to have your tank cleaned every two or three years. As dirt, leaves, and debris build up at the bottom of your tank, it will create a layer of sludge that makes the water taste and smell foul—even if the filter is still removing harmful bacteria.
  • Tank float systems: Sludge at the bottom of your tank consumes oxygen and produces methane, which affects taste and odour. This process is unavoidable even if you clean your tank regularly. Water with higher oxygen content stays closer to the top of the tank, making this water the best for drinking and other household uses. Our patented tank float systems float near the top of the tank and use suction to draw this higher-quality water into your home.
  • Tannin filters: When rainwater encounters leaves, gum nuts, and other plant material, it accumulates dissolved tannin. This organic material stains the water yellow or brown—not the colours you want to see coming out of your taps! The Tank Doctor offers tannin filters to keep the water clear and clean.

The Tank Doctor has the equipment and experience to be your one-stop shop for maximising the usefulness, cleanliness, and quality of your rainwater. Contact us today to learn more about our services.