Why You Need a Whole House Tannin Filter to Improve the Quality of Your Rainwater


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If you are harvesting rainwater, you need a whole house tannin filter.

At The Tank Doctor, our job is to help homeowners throughout Australia get more out of their rainwater tanks. Harvesting rainwater can be a terrific way to reduce or eliminate monthly water bill costs while adopting a greener lifestyle for your household. However, without the right filtration and cleaning systems for your rainwater tank, you can easily end up with water that is dirty, discoloured, foul-smelling, and unsafe to drink.

Why Tannin Filter Systems Are Beneficial

Here are the benefits of using a tannin filter systems from The Tank Doctor.

  • Destroy the root of the problem: If the rainwater coming into your home is distinctly discoloured or stained, tannin staining is likely the culprit. Tannin is an organic matter that dissolves into the water when it encounters leaves, flowers, pollen, and gum nuts. Tannin is not hazardous to your health, but it does result in water that has a brownish or yellowish colour. Tannin filter systems use a special silver carbon media to trap and absorb this organic material, removing it from the water.
  • More effective cleaning than the average filter: Usually, homeowners who have rainwater tanks and face tannin staining use a 20” x 4.5” carbon block filter cartridge. This filtration system can remove some organic matter, but it is too small to remove it all. The Tank Doctor’s CA2 tannin removal system is large to maximise surface area and increase contact time with tannin-contaminated water. The result is that our systems are more useful for removing tannin matter than many other options on the market.
  • Clear water for drinking or cleaning: No one wants to drink yellow water or use it to clean a load of white clothes. Even when this water doesn’t pose a health risk, it’s not what homeowners want from rainwater harvesting. Our filter systems deliver the clear water that you want to see when you turn on your taps.
  • No staining to your sinks, showers, or tubs: Tannin-stained water can also stain other surfaces, including sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets. By removing organic matter before the water flows into your home, you avoid these ugly stains.

What Sets The Tank Doctor Apart Regarding Whole House Tannin Filter Installations

If you are in the market for a tannin water filter, you might be wondering what sets The Tank Doctor apart from other companies offering similar products.

  • Our system comes with a 12-month guarantee: We guarantee that our tannin removal filter will improve the clarity of your stained water or you will get your money back. This guarantee lasts for the first year of ownership, and you can call us at any point in that period if your system is not delivering the results you desire.
  • Our system will not restrict water flow: One common problem with filtration systems is that they greatly impede water flow and diminish water pressure. The CA2 tannin removal system to preserve water flow and assure you that you will not experience more than a minor five percent dip in water pressure after installation.
  • Our system back-flushes regularly to ensure better performance: Our system is designed to back-flush regularly, automatically. This process cleans and agitates the carbon media and ensures that the filter is always delivering optimal performance.

Don’t settle for tannin-stained water from your rainwater tank. Instead, contact The Tank Doctor today to see what we can do for you.