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Harvesting rainwater is safer with a float system for your water tank.

In recent years, the idea of ‘going green’ and adopting sustainability measures has become increasingly popular among homeowners. One strategy that many Australian homeowners have thought about is implementing a rainwater tank. By harvesting rainwater and using it for everyday household tasks—from washing clothes to flushing toilets—homeowners can reduce their water consumption and waste and save money.

The Importance of Installing a Float System for Your Water Tank

Our patented tank float innovation delivers numerous vital benefits, including the following.

  • Drawing water from the healthiest part of the tank: Our tank float is designed to float at the highest level of water in your rainwater tank. The water near the top of your tank is more oxygenated than the water at lower depths, which means it is also healthier and safer to drink. The tank float system floats at this level and uses suction to draw water from the top of the tank for use in your home.
  • Delivering better-tasting, better-smelling water: Not only is more aerobic (or oxygenated) water healthier and safer to drink, but it also tastes and smells better. Even if you aren’t planning to use your rainwater for drinking, it’s much more pleasant to use rainwater for cleaning or laundry when it doesn’t have a nasty odour.
  • Helping you avoid potentially dangerous waterborne bacteria: When you harvest rainwater, you are bound to collect at least a little bit of dirt, animal matter, and plant matter. This debris forms a layer of sludge at the bottom of the tank. You don’t want to drink this sludge or incorporate it into the water you use around the house. However, in addition to being unsightly and unpleasant to work with, this sludge feeds dangerous waterborne bacteria (such as E-coli and giardia) and eats up oxygen, creating methane gas as it breaks down. Using water that is higher in the tank helps you to avoid contamination and sludge.

What Sets The Tank Doctor Apart Regarding Tank Float Systems

Why should you choose The Tank Doctor to install a tank float for your water tank? Here are a few reasons.

  • Tank float is our patented design: Simply put, you aren’t going to find this tank float design anywhere else that can be installed to a rainwater tank while full of water. We came up with this design ourselves and have a patent for it. If you want the complete benefits that this float system provides, The Tank Doctor is the only way to go.
  • We provide other rainwater tank services: The tank float apparatus can do a lot to make using rainwater safer and more pleasant. However, it is always important to clean your water tank and sterilise the water, especially if you are planning to use it for drinking. We provide a range of systems for rainwater cleaning and filtration to go along with the tank float.
  • We offer terrific warranty coverage: We believe thoroughly in the products we design and back each one with genuine, long-term warranty coverage. We want our customers to be able to rely on our equipment for years to come.

About the tank Doctor

At The Tank Doctor, we have developed a tank float system to make rainwater harvesting safer, smarter, and even more ecological. Rainwater tanks are often ridden with sludge and bacteria, making the water less conducive to cleaning and downright dangerous to drink.

Harvesting rainwater can be a wonderful way to increase your home’s sustainability and lower your water bill. The Tank Doctor can help you improve the results of your harvesting activities with better-tasting, better -smelling and all-around cleaner water. Contact us today to learn more.