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Remove bacteria and more with a whole house UV water filtration system.

Filtering your water before use throughout your whole house is essential to remove dirt particles and other organic content that negatively impacts the water. A water filtration system from The Tank Doctor that services your whole house reduces discolouration, foul tastes and odours and limits damage to your pipes. With the addition of a UV steriliser, you can further improve your water by killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


Ensure Safety from Bacteria In Your Water Supply With UV Water Filters

While bacteria are natural and organic, your water is not the place you want them to thrive. Many bacterial species can be detrimental to your health, causing gastrointestinal illnesses, nausea, cramps and other risks. Examples of bacteria commonly found in untreated water are E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Here’s how you can ensure the safety of your water supply with UV water filters:

  1. Eliminate harmful microorganisms — UV water filters are specifically designed to remove bacteria, viruses and protozoa from your water supply. With ultraviolet light, these filters inactivate microbes, protecting you from the illnesses they may carry. Say goodbye to worries about consuming contaminated water.
  2. Prevent waterborne illness outbreaks — With an efficient UV filtration system, you can inhibit the multiplication of bacteria in your water supply. Create a safer environment for you and your loved ones, preventing the potential spread of infectious diseases.
  3. Provide comprehensive protection — Whether you rely on rainwater tanks or other water supplies, a whole house UV filtration system is your answer to peace of mind. Even if your water sources have been contaminated by bacteria, a robust UV filtration system
    ensures thorough disinfection throughout your entire household.


Tips for Getting More Value out of a Whole House UV Water Filtration System

The Tank Doctor whole house UV water filter is ideal for removing 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses that are potentially harmful to your family. Our tips for getting more value out of your filtration system include the following.

  • Maintenance of Your System: The volume of water running through your filtration system and how dirty it is will influence the impact on your cartridge. Change your cartridges every 12 months at a minimum along with changing out the U.V. lamp and cleaning the quartz sleeve. Our maintenance videos show this process clearly.
  • Changing Your UV Lamp: Replace your UV light on an annual basis to ensure it is emitting the right wavelength and working effectively to kill bacteria and viruses. A good routine to follow: replace the lamp at the same time as other scheduled maintenance work, such as changing the cartridge.
  • Periodic Monitoring: Scheduling periodic checks of your water filter is an essential way to guarantee that the system is working correctly between routine maintenance or servicing. This schedule is especially important if your system filters a large volume of water or if your tank has recently been cleaned.


What You Can Expect from The Tank Doctor Regarding a Whole House Water Filtration System

We help you find solutions to your water filtration issues that support your whole house. With our products and services, you can expect the following.

  • Quality Components: We design and build our filtration systems in Australia from high-quality components. These components include filter housings from Italy which are Watermark approved and rated to 120psi and high-quality Vi-qua UV systems from Canada. This UV system comes with a 10-year chamber warranty. These systems include super-strong stainless steel.
  • Systems Arrive Fully Assembled: It’s easy to install our filtration systems as they are well-packaged and delivered fully assembled. They only need to be placed on a flat prepared base with a plumbing connection to the 25mm inlet and outlet water ports. You can share the UV system power supply with the pressure pump.
  • Weather Protection Cover: Weather protection for our systems arrives as a lockable polythene cover. This cover is tough and durable and can withstand the harsh Australian climate.


Why Trust The Tank Doctor’s UV Water Filtration Systems

At The Tank Doctor, we take pride in offering high-quality, low-maintenance rainwater filtration systems in Australia. Send us a message or visit our online store to explore the various UV water filtration systems we have for you.



How does UV sterilisation work in a filtration system?

Our UV water filters expose bacteria to ultraviolet light as they pass through a stainless steel UV chamber. Ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 254nm instantly attacks the pathogen’s DNA and eliminates its ability to reproduce. The filtered water is disinfected once it exits the UV chamber before reaching your faucet.

Why is UV sterilisation better than chemical treatment?

Chemical treatments are commonly used to disinfect water supplies in Australia, but here’s why UV sterilisation is better:

  1. No residual, odour or colours — Unlike chemical treatment methods such as chlorination, UV water filtration systems leave no residue. Say goodbye to unpleasant chlorine aftertastes and odours.
  2. Comprehensive microorganism elimination — UV water filters effectively destroy various microorganisms, from bacteria to viruses. With UV light, you eliminate the need to use multiple chemicals that target different pathogens.
  3. Immediate disinfection without waiting — Bacteria are swiftly neutralised as soon as they become exposed to UV light. No more waiting for chemicals to take effect — high-quality water is readily available when needed.

With UV water filtration, you don’t need repetitive treatments to ensure water safety. Simply maintain your UV water filtration system, and it will continue to effectively combat harmful bacteria in your water.