UV Light Bulbs Provide Water Purification Via a UV Lamp for Safe Drinking Water


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A rainwater tank requires UV light bulbs for water purification.

Catching rainwater for use in your home requires more than a tank to collect the water falling from the sky. Improper storage leads to harmful bacteria and viruses that could be passed along to you and your family. UV lamp for water purification systems kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present in stored rainwater. The Tank Doctor understands this process and has designed their water purification systems to provide the safest water for your family’s consumption.

Tips Regarding UV Light Bulb Water Purification Systems

Your family’s health is not something you want to endanger inadvertently. Providing safe drinking water is sure to be at the top of your list of safety features you look for in your home. Catching rainwater is an inexpensive way to provide a much-needed resource to your home. Reclaimed water is safe if you are vigilant in the selection and operation of the system.

  • Consulting with an experienced licensed and bonded professional is the first step in providing a new source of water to your home. Their extensive experience will guide you through the process and advise you on the best system design.
  • You should always take care when choosing components for UV light bulb water purification. Installing high quality components provides longer life and proper purification.
  • Remaining vigilant to maintenance schedules keeps UV lamp for water purification systems running efficiently. Installing a system that alerts you to potential issues is a bonus that can prevent further problems.

Potential Problems The Tank Doctor Solves Regarding UV Light Bulb Water Purification Systems

Using inferior products can result in the system not functioning correctly and expose your family to harmful bacteria. The Tank Doctor’s UV lamp for water purification systems are built to last with minimal maintenance.

  • We begin with your storage tank and its condition. Proper maintenance of your water storage tank minimises the number of contaminants moving through the system towards your water tap.
  • We use the highest quality components from Australia, Italy and Canada in our UV light bulb water purification systems. Using only high quality components ensures a continuous water source from your rainwater.
  • The filters in our Filatank systems remove large particles of debris and dirt that could clog up the system ensuring stable operation.
  • Our systems include a countdown timer alerting you to procure a replacement U.V. lamp presently to continue purifying drinking water.

Utilising reclaimed rainwater as a source of potable water for your family is within reach allowing you to provide water from a source you can control.

Why You Should Trust The Tank Doctor

The Tank Doctor has over 13 years’ experience developing safe rainwater collection and potability options in Australia. We strictly adhere to quality standards in the products we install to provide a safe water source for your family’s utilisation. Contact us for more information about our range of UV light bulb water purification systems designed for your home.