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PVC Gate Valve 90mm (Wet System Flushing)


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This valve is used for draining the stagnant water inside of the rainwater wet system.
smelly water
It is a valuable purchase allowing the user to quickly and easily drain the wet system without getting wet!
Simply raise the plunger upwards handle with ease and the water drains from the system quickly.
The valve is 90mm diameter internally allowing the water to drain at high speed. This helps to flush out the leaves and sludge which has accumulated in the bottom of the pipes.
Gate Valve Flushing 72dpi
Simply install a T-junction into the wet system pipe work at the lowest point possible. The Gate Valve can then be glued into the junction.
For best results, fill the wet system from the gutter outlet and drain the gate valve several times until the water runs out clean and clear.
wet system pipe
This is a cross section of the wet system pipe where the T-junction was installed. Note all the slime and sludge that builds up inside the pipe if not flushed. This is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs!


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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 19 cm

90 mm PVC Sliding knife gate valve. Made in Mexico USA