Tank Float

Tank Float Systems

Patent Number: 2018100097

For an immediate improvement of your rainwater supply

The Tank-Float system draws the rainwater from approximately 300mm below the surface of the tank water. At this point the water is the most ‘aerobic’ or oxygenated area of the tank which is the healthiest resulting in better tasting and smelling water. The unique patented design of the Tank-Float system allows for installation to a rainwater tank that is either full or empty without having to manually get inside the tank.

The Tank-Float system automatically adjusts to the correct suction level of the tank at all times and can be installed to concrete, poly, metal, fibre-glass, poly-lined tanks either above or below ground. Installation is typically completed in less than an hour and has an immediate result of cleaner, clearer, better tasting water.

Particles that enter the rainwater tank each time it rains sink to the tank floor where a thick sludge forms. This sludge layer is made up of decaying leaf, dirt and animal matter which feeds germs and bacteria like Giardia, Salmonella and E-coli. The breakdown of plant and animal material depletes oxygen and creates methane gas which increases taste and odour to the water supply. Traditionally it’s at this point where the rainwater supply is drawn out by the pressure pump and delivered into the home.

"The Tank-Float system will give an immediate result"

The bottom of most rainwater tanks is a nasty place made up of sludge and bacteria which makes the water taste poor quality. Although cleaning the sludge from a rainwater tank floor is still highly recommended, the Tank-Float system will give an immediate result if cleaning is not possible and will ensure all future tank water is supplied to the home from the highest water level in the tank.

Where a rainwater filtration system is installed at the pressure pump, the Tank-Float system will  greatly extend the workable life of the filter cartridges as they are no longer required to filter dirty water drawn from the bottom of the tank. This will further ensure only the very best tank water is being delivered at all times.

Drink only the Very Best Water from your tank!

Tank-Float top suction system is a patented design made in Australia using only the best quality poly and stainless steel components along with the highest quality food-grade suction hose also made right here in Australia.

Each kit arrives fully assembled, ready to go. Installation to your rainwater tank is quick and easy thanks to the detailed instruction manual.

Quick and easy to install to almost any style of rainwater tank, poly, concrete, metal or fiberglass, above or below-ground.

Made in Australia