CA2 Tannin Removal System

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Product Info

The CA2 Carbon filtration system is specially designed for water clarification (colour removal), bacterial capture/retention, chlorine removal and odour/taste removal. The CA2 carbon filter system is installed following a Twin or Triple cartridge Whole House Water Filtration System which first removes sediment particles. The CA2 is an automatic filtration system which contains silver carbon media to absorb tannin from the rainwater supply. Silver is used to inhibit bacteria growth in the media. The system automatically back-washes itself on a weekly basis to remove impurities and ensure the carbon media is performing at it’s best to remove tannin from the rainwater supply.

Installation of the CA2 Carbon Tannin Removal system is very simple. It can be installed at the house or near the rainwater filtration system. It must be installed following a free-standing or wall-mounted rainwater filtration system. The twin filter system removes sediment particles prior to the carbon filtration process through pleated and poly spun filter cartridges.

Operating Specifications:

  • Max Pressure 100Psi
  • Minimum Pressure 20 Psi
  • Temperature 1-49 degrees
  • Max Vacuum 5″ Hg (127mmHg)
  • Water inlet / outlet 20mm (3/4″)
  • Peak flow rate 40 Lpm
  • Voltage 240 Volts with 12 Volts step down

Kit Includes:

  1. Pentair Pressure Vesssel
  2. Fleck Auto Outdoor Control Valve
  3. Power Supply
  4. 10Kg Filter Gravel
  5. 28Kg Granular Silver Carbon
  6. Drain Tube
  7. User Manual

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