Whole House Sanic Filtration System for Chlorine reduction

Twin 20″ x 4.5″ Cholrine / Chloramine reduction



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Product Description

Twin filter cartridges remove unwanted sediment, dirt and rust through a 1-micron polyester pleated cartridge followed by a 5-micron Matrikx CTO carbon cartridge to remove colour, taste, odour & cholrine / chloramine.


Superior System Quality, Warranty & Performance

Each Filtatank rainwater filtration system is hand-built and assembled in Australia by the team at The Tank Doctor. With over 20-years experience selling and installing rainwater filtration systems, you are assured of an extremely high quality product with excellent after sales support.

Components are individually laser cut, folded, welded and assembled by Australians using Australian materials. We use only the very best quality components in each filtration system that are Watermark approved for mains water application.

High quality Filtatank systems include stainless steel water pressure gauges that indicate inlet and outlet pressure across the filtration system. This is helpful to indicate when the filtration cartridges require servicing or replacement. Usually the filter cartridges are replaced on an annual basis, depending on the volume of water usage and the quality of the water supply.

Why would you trust the health of your family with anything less!

Microban® antimicrobial product protection is a built-in biocide silver that enables the filter housings to resist the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mould and mildew. By creating an inhospitable environment this disrupts the metabolism of contaminating microbes by preventing conversion of nutrients into energy. This inhibits microbial survival, reproduction and colonization and disrupts vital cell functions of the microbe.

Water filtrations systems incorporating Microban® protection ensure filter housings stay cleaner, last longer and stay fresher in between cleanings than products with untreated surfaces. This sets Microban® antimicrobials apart from many other competitor products in the market today.

Patented Design

Filtatank systems use the very best quality Italian made Sanic Antimicrobial filter housings. Patented one-piece housing tops ensure leak-free connection between housings with extreme rigidity and structural strength across the whole filtration system.

These unique filter housings help to prevent trapped bacteria feeding on dirty filter cartridges which will reduce taste and odour in the rainwater supply.

With a pressure rating of 120psi and 3-year warranty, the filter housings surpass all other systems with ease.

Silver Impregnated Filter Housings

What's Included

1 x Twin Sanic filter system

1 x Stainless Steel mounting bracket with S/S screws

1 x 1 Micron Polyester Pleated cartridge for dirt, rust and sediment removal

1 x 5 Micron Matrikx CTO Carbon Block for colour, taste, odour, chlorine / chloramine removal

1 x Filter housing opening handle



  • Designed and built in Australia from high quality stainless steel
  • Italian made patented Atlas filter Sanic housings rated to 120psi. Watermark approved
  • Fully plumbed with high quality 316 stainless steel components
  • Huge 3-year warranty

Simply mount the filtration system to a house or shed wall and then connect the plumbing to the 25mm BSP inlet and outlet water ports. There is no noticeable loss of water flow or pressure with this filtration system installed!

System Dimensions: 400mm W x 205mm D x 740mm H

What is the ongoing maintenance required and costs involved?

The Filter Cartridges need to be replaced every 12 months to ensure protection against contaminants entering the home. Replacements are available through our online store for delivery Australia wide.

Replacement Cartridges 20″ x 4.5″  for Mains Water

Servicing The FT-2000UV Sanic Filtration System

Fabrication of the filter system components by Atlas Filtri in Italy

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 73 × 23 × 43 cm

Product Carton Dimensions: 430W x 230D x 730H
Maximum Filter Housing Flow Rate:

24 GPM (90 lpm) (5.4 m³/hr)
• Stage 1: 10 Micron Polyester Pleated cartridge for dirt and sediment removal
• Stage 2: 5 Micron Silver Carbon Block for colour, taste and odour removal

Operating Temperature: 2-40°C (36-104°F)
Maximum Operation Pressure: 120psi (8.3bar)
Connection Size: Inlet / outlet 1″ BSP

All Systems include the following as standard:
• Filter Housing Opening Handle
• Filter cartridges


• 3- year warranty